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www2006 - Overall

www2006 was special in many ways.
  • Met a lot of interesting and brilliant people
  • Learnt a lot of new things
  • Figured out what I should be doing for sometime to come
  • Took a snap with the inventor of the World Wide Web
Sir Tim-Berners Lee with me !!!!!

There was a lot of focus on Semantic Web and search related research.

Workshops/tutorials I attended
Brian and Ryan showed some really cool microformat applications.  A demo is proof enough for one to understand how powerful semantic web documents, that can be processed by computer applications, are.  For starters, try this for a demo:
XForms by Steve Pemberton was eye opening.  Truly class stuff.  I did not know about XForms before.  Though it might take longer to get accepted and deployed, it is certainly the future of forms on the web.

Papers I attended

Being blissfully unaware of search engine technologies, I did not have a great time following the paper presentations.  But most of them had interesting observations that anyone following stuff on the net could relate to.

For me "the person" of the conference was Bebo White. He was the most lovable person.  The child-like enthusiasm he showed when he saw our poster was infectious.
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