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Love for LiveURLs [Apr. 24th, 2006|09:50 pm]
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LiveURLs opened to a very, very lukewarm response last week.  We got a lot of good feedback.  toufeeq has summarized the feedback.  As he mentions, the biggest lesson we learnt from the release was that, a product is as effective as its marketing.  But first things first, we need a name for the project to strike a chord with the users.  LiveURLs just does not make the cut.  People do not have the time to read the project description to find out what the extension does. 

The only requirement is that the name should convey what the extension lets the user do i.e. generate links to user selected portions of webpages.  Listed below are a few suggestions (in no particular order) that we have received over the weekend:
  • web-marker (mewpsych - this one is a very very apt suggestion.  Thanks a ton :))
  • zillaurls
  • snippet
  • snip'it (surprisingly mahendra and mewpsych suggested the same name)
  • fraglet
  • frag-meant - (the fragment that I meant!!!! Rajesh Balakrishnan's (RB) play with words rocks)
  • frag-mark - It also has the in-built "Agmark" stamp of approval ;-) Another gem from RB.
  • pagelet
  • snipurl
  • selection-url (via Nitin. Thanks buddy. Nice straight-forward one)
  • fragment-links
  • snippet-links
  • urlhere (by nearfar)
  • linkhere (based on nearfar's suggestion :))
  • linkit
  • linkthis
  • herelinks (again based on nearfar's 'here' suggestion :))
  • By bhuvanbk
    • shareurl/sharelink
    • oururl/ourlink
    • openurl/openlink
    • connecturl
  • By rfc9000
    • clipit
    • cliplink
    • sublink
    • subaddress
    • subURL
  • By anonymous
    • fraglink
  • By thanix
    • snipurl
    • sniptext
  • By Shanmugavel Mani
    • URL it!
    • CustomURL
    • CustomizedURL
    • MyURL
    • Make[My|Ur]URL
    • Define[Your|My]URL
    • RenderURL
    • GenerateURL
The above list will be updated with suggestions in the comments.  Preference would be given to names which try to capture both the fragment and link semantics.  We owe the best name a treat.

From: (Anonymous)
2006-05-04 05:46 pm (UTC)
How bot FragLink
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[User Picture]From: knutties
2006-05-05 03:37 am (UTC)
Thanks :) We'll keep that in mind. We are currently working on an extension that functions as a marker pen for the web using LiveURLs. We are planning to call that web-marker. As for a name to the URLs itself, we are still undecided :)
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